Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Reports Massive $300 Million Cryptocurrency Loss

Graph depicting DMM Bitcoin's $300 million cryptocurrency loss with a sharp decline in value.

Japan’s cryptocurrency exchange DMM Bitcoin has announced a significant loss of 4,502.9 bitcoin, valued at approximately $308 million, due to an "unauthorized leak." The incident has prompted an investigation and the suspension of certain services.

Key Takeaways

  • Incident Overview: DMM Bitcoin reported the loss of 4,502.9 bitcoin, worth about $308 million.
  • Nature of the Incident: Described as an "unauthorized leak," the specifics of how the incident occurred remain unclear.
  • Company Response: DMM Bitcoin has restricted some services and is investigating the incident.
  • Regulatory Action: Japan’s Financial Services Agency has demanded an investigation.
  • Historical Context: This is one of the largest cryptocurrency losses in Japan, second only to the Coincheck incident in 2018.
  • Customer Assurance: DMM Bitcoin plans to replace customers’ lost bitcoin deposits with the help of other group companies.

Incident Overview

On May 31, DMM Bitcoin, a prominent Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, reported a loss of 4,502.9 bitcoin, equivalent to approximately 48.2 billion yen or $308 million. The company described the event as an "unauthorized leak," though details on how the incident occurred or whether an external party was involved remain undisclosed.

Company Response

In response to the incident, DMM Bitcoin has restricted several services, including cryptocurrency withdrawals and the review of new account applications. The company is actively investigating the situation and has assured customers that their lost bitcoin deposits will be replaced with the assistance of other group companies.

Regulatory and Legal Actions

Japan’s Financial Services Agency has demanded that DMM Bitcoin conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. Additionally, Tokyo police have been involved in the probe following a request from the company.

Historical Context and Industry Impact

This incident marks one of the largest cryptocurrency losses in Japan, second only to the 58 billion yen stolen from the Coincheck exchange in 2018. According to Tom Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder of the crypto research firm Elliptic, if the loss is confirmed as theft, it would rank as the eighth largest crypto theft of all time.

Industry Vulnerabilities

Cryptocurrency exchanges are frequent targets for hacks and cyberattacks, although losses of this magnitude are rare. In 2023 alone, around $1.7 billion was stolen from various cryptocurrency platforms, highlighting the ongoing vulnerabilities within the industry.


The DMM Bitcoin incident underscores the significant risks associated with cryptocurrency exchanges and the need for robust security measures. As the investigation continues, the industry will be closely watching for any developments and potential regulatory changes that may arise from this event.



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